Root Canal Treatment – An Effective Means of Saving Infected Teeth

People are mostly worried when they have to face dental treatment and particularly the root canal surgery. The root canal treatment procedure may not be pleasant but it can save your tooth. The modern technologies are so advanced that this surgery is no more said to be unpleasant. Dentists available for root canal treatment in Gurgaon are highly experienced and have well past records in the process.  The facilities and increasing technologies have left no much difference between the rest and the best dental clinic in South Delhi.

Root Canal Treatment in GurgaonWhat is Root Canal?

A root canal is a naturally existing space within the tooth. Root canal is made of a pulp chamber, main canal, and the severe anatomical branches that fix the root canals to the surface of the root. The root canals are filing up of dental pulp which is highly vascularised and loose connective tissue. While the root canal treatment the affected area is cleaned and is made free from bacteria. After the cleaning of the infected region, it is fumigated and tightly filled and then sealed with a crown. A crown is a artificial cap which exactly looks like a tooth and is placed on the tooth top for protection purpose.

The Treatment Procedure

The root canal treatment becomes necessary when the root of the tooth becomes infected or gets affected by any injury or advanced decay. The dentist applies anesthesia on the tooth and drilling is done through the crown to make a hole to get access to the pulp chamber. Prescribed and special files are taken in use for the cleaning of the unwanted infected out of the root canal. The canal is then filled with a material which helps in keeping the root canal away from getting further infections. The filling material is then used to coat the opening till the tooth becomes perfect for the crown to be placed.

Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

Save Tooth: Root canal treatment is therefore taken as the tooth savior as it saves the affected tooth from getting destroyed. The process is painful to some extent but it is necessary as it is the most commonly used technique for saving a tooth.

Cost: The cost of root canal treatment depends on the number of infected teeth and differs according to the tooth category. Generally treatment of molars is costly as the treatment procedure is difficult because of their size and position. Moreover the root canal treatment costs less as compared to the dental implants.

Things to know before going for root canal treatment

There are certain things necessary to be revised at least for once before going for root canal surgery.

Reputed Dentist: It is always beneficial to go to an experienced dentist for such surgeries as a reputed dentist can do the procedure with much perfection and attention than the youngsters. Hiring a qualified dentist avoids chances of surgery failure and certain tooth complications. Ask your relatives and friends that if they know any qualified dentist or if any of the dentist has attended them for such problem because the problem is quite common and anybody can stick to it. This way you can get solution to the problem.


Crowns and Bridges- Tested Solutions for Tooth Replacement

Crowns and Bridge is a kind of prosthetic devices which are fixed in the mouth. Both these devices are removable and can be easily removed when needed like dentures. People who come to us for this particular treatment can remove the crowns and bridges to clean it on daily basis. These are cemented over the existing teeth or implants which is added over the missing tooth. The procedure to remove these devices can be provided only by Dentist in Sector 31 Gurgaon.

crowns and bridges in Gurgaon
If you want to know in detail about how crown works it’s a cap which is put over the damaged tooth. It not only strengthens the damaged tooth but also improved the alignment of other tooth and gives a good look. It can be placed over the implanted tooth or else a broken tooth due to any sort of accident. They are designed in porcelain or ceramic material which easily matches to the natural color of the teeth. We at Dental Clinic in Sector 31 Gurgaon provide crowns in steel, gold color.
They are strong enough and can be recommended by most of the doctors. On the other hand bridges as per its name works as a bridge between two teeth. If there is any missing teeth it can be covered with the help of a bridge. These are cemented to the teeth or implant which is surrounded over the empty space. For these kind of treatments the Best Dental Clinic in DLF Phase 3 will first take an impression of your oral area to provide you the right measurement in crown or bridge. You can take advice from the Best Dentist in Sushant Lok and accordingly take up the treatment which you feel is right for you in crown and bridge.

We have the Best Dentist in Cyber city Gurgaon who recommend you to for these treatment if:

  • You need to fill up a large area where the teeth is missing
  • Have a proper protection and security to tooth which is going to have a fracture
  • Restore a Fractured teeth
  • Add a bridge between gaps
  • Cover a dental implant in the right way
  • To cover the discolored teeth
  • Help poorly shaped tooth
  • Cover tooth which has gone through root canal

Things to Keep in Mind When Finding the Right Dentist for Your Family

We all want the best for our family. But we rarely get time to do that much of research. Like, when we know that dental health is vital, but we don’t take efforts to find the best dentist for your family then you are being bit over confident about the teeth health. Well, you need to get in touch with the best dentist who will be able to cater to the elders as well as kids.


How to find the best dentist?

  • The very first thing you must do is find out the doctor or dentist in your location. If you are located in South Delhi then find out contacts of a few Dentist in South Delhi and then just check out the reviews about the same. You will know as to which clinic what kind of reputation has.
  • Always select the dental expert who has good expertise and who has been practicing for a while. This is because there might be some challenging cases which he may have to handle and he should be ready for the same.
  • We think that kids don’t need dentist. But they are the ones who would need more of such attention as they have more of sweets and often don’t brush the teeth properly.

In Gurgaon you should be able to find good dentist who will solve your issues. For the leading Kids dentist in Gurgaon you should ask people whom you know as to whether they know someone who is an expert in this field. If they have contacts then they will share the same with you. You can make a call right there and then talk to them about what is the best solution. Take an appointment and reach there on time.

Internet has also opened so many doors for you. So, you can check out the reviews on the web and this will help you understand which dentist has good online reputation. First hand reviews and the online reviews guide you in taking the right decision.

Don’t choose a cheap dentist

It’s vital that you choose the family dentist based on the name and review. You should not opt for someone who is just cheap and might not be pioneer in work. It is vital that you seek help of the best dentist around so that you can ensure very good dental health for present as well as for future.

Useful Tips from Experts to Get Affordable Dental Implants!

Today you can find countless kids and adults who lose their teeth due to some or the other problem. One of the main reason why they lose their teeth is because of accident, fracture, decay in tooth and cracks over the tooth. During the latter stage there were no proper treatment to clear these gaps however now we have some of the best tools with us in our Dental Clinic in South Delhi. You can also find the Best Dentist in South Delhi who are not only well educated but also carry the best experience with them.


Dental Implant is done by professionals who have a detail idea on how to help the individual in getting back their teeth aligned in the right manner and bring back the sweet smile in their face. We being the Best Dental Clinic in DLF Phase 3 see to it that all our clients are been offered with the right treatment as per their needs. Dental Implant is one of the oldest treatments and has changed a lot in the last 25 years due to its innovative technology and tools.

Dental implant is nothing but rooting a new teeth from the root which is missing in any of the parts. If there are two teeth which has gap between due to a missing teeth it can be added with the help of a dental implants in South Delhi. Once the treatment is done and the tooth is placed no one can have the identification between the natural teeth and the implanted tooth. They are made out of titanium which are strong enough and will not come out easily. There are bridge been added over the roots to help the tooth stay strong without falling off easily. Dentist in Cyber City & South Delhi provide a range of option in dental implant treatment as per the budget and need of the customer.

If you want to take up an appointment with us for your dental implant treatment just give us a call in our Dental Clinic in Cyber city Gurgaon to meet our doctors and take best advance from them for your oral health and well being.

Laser Teeth Whitening- After Care

People who face teeth discolouration would have problems because they would feel embarrassed when they smile. In order to keep away from that sort of feeling it would be better to opt for teeth whitening process. You will get the benefits of beautiful white teeth. So, just get in touch with good dental clinic and see if that would help you.

What is laser tooth whitening? 

In laser teeth whitening there is UV light treatment on the teeth whitening bleach and gels and then that has to be applied on the teeth. This will help you in making teeth white and shining. You must choose good clinic in south Delhi. Try to search for the dental clinic that has all the services including orthodontist in south Delhi. This will help you in getting an idea about the future options.

teeth whitening in south delhi

Some people argue that teeth whitening can even be taken up at home. Yes, there are ways and means to do that. But due to busy lifestyles you may not get that much of time. Thus opt for the best dental clinic in South Delhi and see if that can help you. Try at The Dental Roots.

Take Care after Teeth Whitening

The treatment would take some 30 minutes. After that for 30 minutes you must not drink water or any liquid. Also, you would not be allowed to eat anything for an hour. Also, your dentist would tell you that after teeth whitening you cannot have beef, salmon, sardines etc. You should restrict the coffee and tea intake. You should also restrict the foods like beet, carrot and lettuce. You must also put a curb on pizza and coloured pasta sauces and so on. Avoid sweets and chocolates too. Avoid coke too.

When you have done teeth whitening and paid for the same then you would actually want to get the benefit of the same for a few days or a couple of months at least. So, for them teeth whitening after care would be a good thing. If you take good care then things would be better and you can retain whitening for longer term.

You must not use mouthwash for 12 hours after treatment and you must also avoid smoking for 12 hours after teeth whitening. These are some of the things you need to keep in mind. The Dental Roots is a good dental clinic that has all the options. You can find out what this clinic has.

How To Choose The Best Orthodontist For Children?

Children often have issues like uneven teeth and uneven jaws and this would look embarrassing. But rather than getting embarrassed it would be better to find some potent solution for the same. For such things orthodontist procedures would help. Have you heard of braces treatment? Yes, they would work bet for kids. Opt for best orthodontist in south Delhi and half of your tension would be relieved.

Othodontist for kids in South Delhi

How to Find the Right Orthodontist for kids?

Parents are often concerned about the cost factor when it comes to selecting the braces treatment. Also, some parents worry that braces would actually make their kids look awkward. But it would be good if children who have the problems wear braces as that would solve the problem quickly down the line. But since children are not used to pains and would get irritated if there is some sort of discomfort involved in the treatment, you must choose the orthodontist that is an expert and have attended such cases and who would ensure pain free treatment. The Dental Roots is one of the reputed names in South Delhi.

The Types of Braces

Before the parents decide upon the treatment it would be better to check out the types of braces treatments available for children. There are metal braces, ceramic braces and lot more. Thus, if you select best Dentist in South Delhi you will see that half of your issues would be sorted out. This is because you will get apt guidance over the matter.

The parents may to know what would be the best solution for children. But the orthodontist who is quite at peace and knows what exactly children get afraid of can get the right treatment for you. However, for this there would be need of a good dental team. It is team work. The Dental Roots has a very good team and so it has gained a good name.

The Cost Involved

For most of the parents the main matter of concern would be the prices of the braces and the tenure of treatment. If you want you can directly ask the dentist to avoid any sort of confusion in future. There was a time when such treatments were considered as quite costly. But now things have become quite affordable and this is benefit. Try out the newer technologies and you will see they are truly dynamic by all means.

Know Your Teeth: Why You Should Get Braces

According to reports, kids are traditionally liable for braces treatment not later than twelve years of age, once they have lost their baby teeth as well as their twelve year molars have blown up. Though as per one of the biggest survey has shed some light that children get their primary orthodontic screening at the age of 7 years, braces, which are fitted quite early can extend the treatment of crooked teeth than expected or required. It also cost you more money. You can seek help or get a consultation from dental clinic in South Delhi.

braces in south delhi at the dental roots

Braces are definitely required if your kid’s teeth are not in shape or crooked. But it is always advisable to go for that treatment which is apt and important. If your dentist identifies possible for crowding and incorrect bite at the screening exam, then he can consider an interceptive act to cure the issue form getting worse or playing out. This will include palatal expander fitting and other appliances to make sure that the everlasting teeth go off in the correct position.

This exam perhaps highlight the requirement to control habit like thumb sucking that can cause damages to a kid’s mouth as time passes. There are many clinics available in Gurgaon for braces treatment. You can choose the best braces treatment in Gurgaon with the help of online website and acquire all information about the reasons of deformed shape of teeth and get the right treatment done.

There is a need of braces required when your teeth are not in right form. Various types of braces are there:

The braces that your dentist recommends will hugely depend on your kid’s specific problem. There are different sorts of braces that includes:

  • Conventional metal braces: these braces have metal ties holding on the wires among the brackets in the place.
  • Damon braces: these braces don’t have metal ties. The brackets hold the wire in place.
  • Invisalign: this braces fit the kid’s teeth in such a way that it looks like a mouth guard.

Apart from this, there is an appliance such as expander, your dentist perhaps also recommend using headgear or herbst device or forsus to use in combination with braces in order to correct issues affecting your kid’s natural bite. You will find some great braces treatment in Gurgaon.

Variations in Braces Treatment Price:

You should be well aware about the braces treatment you are going to get done on your kid. There are variations in braces treatment prices. When you visit different dentists you will find prices different at all clinics. Determining the price of braces for your child depends majorly on the time duration your child needs to wear them. As per the survey, the braces price range up to 5000 to 15000 with respect to the sort of braces advised. You can seek help from the Dental Clinic in South Delhi. These clinics will help you in getting the treatment done at very low price.