Crowns and Bridges- Tested Solutions for Tooth Replacement

Crowns and Bridge is a kind of prosthetic devices which are fixed in the mouth. Both these devices are removable and can be easily removed when needed like dentures. People who come to us for this particular treatment can remove the crowns and bridges to clean it on daily basis. These are cemented over the existing teeth or implants which is added over the missing tooth. The procedure to remove these devices can be provided only by Dentist in Sector 31 Gurgaon.

crowns and bridges in Gurgaon
If you want to know in detail about how crown works it’s a cap which is put over the damaged tooth. It not only strengthens the damaged tooth but also improved the alignment of other tooth and gives a good look. It can be placed over the implanted tooth or else a broken tooth due to any sort of accident. They are designed in porcelain or ceramic material which easily matches to the natural color of the teeth. We at Dental Clinic in Sector 31 Gurgaon provide crowns in steel, gold color.
They are strong enough and can be recommended by most of the doctors. On the other hand bridges as per its name works as a bridge between two teeth. If there is any missing teeth it can be covered with the help of a bridge. These are cemented to the teeth or implant which is surrounded over the empty space. For these kind of treatments the Best Dental Clinic in DLF Phase 3 will first take an impression of your oral area to provide you the right measurement in crown or bridge. You can take advice from the Best Dentist in Sushant Lok and accordingly take up the treatment which you feel is right for you in crown and bridge.

We have the Best Dentist in Cyber city Gurgaon who recommend you to for these treatment if:

  • You need to fill up a large area where the teeth is missing
  • Have a proper protection and security to tooth which is going to have a fracture
  • Restore a Fractured teeth
  • Add a bridge between gaps
  • Cover a dental implant in the right way
  • To cover the discolored teeth
  • Help poorly shaped tooth
  • Cover tooth which has gone through root canal

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