Problems and Complications with Dental Implants

Zahnimplantat 2From past many years dental implants are playing as an important alternative for the replacement of teeth and other related aspects. The implants are best referred as anchors which are placed on the jaw bone to provide fixed support to crowns or dentures. Dental implants in South Delhi are quite common as there are specialized doctors for such purpose having good experience and are positive records till date. The number of dental clinics in South Delhi has been increased in the near past and most of them are into the hands of reputed dentists that serve quite well to the patients at affordable prices.

Dental implant is not yet to be taken as the best solution for the tooth problem as it includes many complications and disorders. The complications include:

Improper Osseo integration: One of the most severe complications of the surgery is the improper amalgamation of the implant surface with the enclosing bone. There exist multiple factors leading to improper Osseo integration such as restricted availability of bone to settle the implant root, chances of infection, overheating the jaw bone etc.

Allergic Reactions: The implants are made of titanium alloy or ceramic and therefore it can lead to allergic reactions in case of patients suffering from metal allergy. The metal can even lead to galvanism and other allergies.

dental-implants-problemsInfections: One of the major problems of the dental implants is infection. The surrounding areas sometimes get infected by the placement of the implants. During the process, an artificial dental root is implanted into the jaw and therefore the tissues near it can get infected. Penurious oral hygiene can also cause dental infection.

Nerve Damage: Sometimes, over preparation of the implant site can lead to nerve damage resulting numbness, pain and tingling in surrounding areas.

Implant Failure: Being just a surgery, dental implants sometimes face failure. Excessive pressure when inserted on the implanted root can lead to the fractional or even complete breakage of the implant. Patients who are habitual of grinding their teeth while sleeping must use mouth guards to avoid failure of the dental surgery.

Prolonged Pain: Many of the patients suffer from prolonged pain in the affected area after the surgery. This can be caused by drastic swelling or emplacement of the prosthetic root close to any of the minor or major nerve branch. The situation is handled through several prescribed methods and in case the patient is not relaxed then the implant needs to be immediately removed to avoid further complications.

Injury to Adjacent Teeth: It is quite common that the patient has injured his surrounding teeth during the dental implant surgery. Such injuries can occur while the preparation of the recipient part. While the drilling procedure, the dentist may accidentally injure the nearby tooth.

To avoid such problems it is always suggested to visit reputed dentist for such kind of surgeries to make the process successful and perfect. After the surgery, the patient must visit the dentist regularly to check whether everything is fit to action or not.


Envious of White Toothy Smiles? Get a Laser Teeth Whitening Treatment

Laser Teeth WhiteningEveryone craves to have white teeth. If you have white teeth you can smile openly without hesitation and you can speak confidently. White teeth look healthy and beautiful. On the other hand, discolored or yellow teeth make you feel embarrassed. With yellow teeth, you always feel hesitation in laughing out loudly. Having yellow teeth affects your physical appearance very badly. It decreases your confidence level. This is the reason people opt for teeth whitening treatment to make their teeth shiny and white.

Teeth whitening is the most common dental procedure. In a dentist’s clinic, you can find most of the people who just come to have teeth whitening treatment. This treatment is simple and effective. Teeth whitening treatment removes the discoloration of enamel and makes your teeth look white and shiny. It is the most cost effective dental procedure and it is least invasive also. Stains on tooth enamel can easily be removed with teeth whitening treatment. Basic teeth whitening procedure involves professional bleaching. Bleach and some other products are used in teeth whitening procedure.

Laser option

Laser teeth whitening in South DelhiLaser teeth whitening is very popular dental procedure these days. It is performed by Cosmetic dentist in Gurgaon. In laser teeth whitening procedure, bleach is applied to the teeth and then heat generated by laser increases the effectiveness and speed up the process of teeth whitening. The strong bleaching gel which is applied to the teeth in this procedure is activated by laser light and heat thus it gives quick and dramatic results. Use of such strong bleach demands some special precautions in order to reduce tooth sensitivity and protecting the gums, lips and some other oral tissues from getting damaged. Cheek retractors, soft rubber dams, desensitizing pastes and professional application of fluoride are used for this purpose.

Laser teeth whitening procedure makes your teeth white instantly. Infact it makes your teeth 6-7 shade whiter than their original shade. No one can deny the fact that laser teeth whitening procedure is fast and effective. Lots and lots of people are turning towards Laser teeth whitening in South Delhi because the effects of this procedure last for a very long time. If you feel that your teeth are becoming yellowish and they are looking ugly, you should immediately visit your dentist and get a teeth whitening treatment done. Also if basic teeth whitening does not give you the desired result then the best option for you is laser teeth whitening as it will surely give you the satisfactory results.

You will be glad to know that laser teeth whitening treatment is painless so you don’t have to fear from getting this treatment done. Within an hour or in few minutes, laser teeth whitening procedure can provide you clean, shiny and white teeth that you will love to have. This dental procedure helps in restoring your smile and beauty of your teeth. Laser whitening treatment is beneficial in every way for every person. You just have to meet your dentist and let him do this teeth whitening procedure on you.

You Need Not Be Afraid Of Tooth Extraction

This is one of the last treatments which most of the doctors suggest their clients if there is no option to save the teeth. Tooth extraction is not really a great idea because we are pulling off a treat for permanent basis. Best Dentist in Sohna Road always suggest to go for root canal treatment if the teeth is decayed too much however tell their patience to avoid removing teeth. If the tooth is infected from all the area then it’s advised to remove the teeth. If at all you are planning to extract a tooth it’s good to visit our clinic which is the Best Dental Clinic in DLF Phase 3. We have some of the well-known Dentist in Galleria Market Gurgaon who carry ample years of experience with them in this field.


Best Dentist in Sushant Lok are professional who have special training been given on tooth extraction. They provide anesthetic therapy to make the area numb which helps them to easily pull off the teeth without giving any sort of trouble to the individual. However one should understand that after tooth extraction the body becomes a bit weak so they need to give some amount of rest to the body. We see to it that our clients are been given with maximum protection and security after the tooth extraction procedure is been completed.

Some people face trouble like vomiting, doziness, sudden blank surface in front of their eyes. This is because one of the nerve which is connected to the teeth is been triggered. Hence there is some amount of trouble the individual will have to go through. We do not allow our clients to leave the clinic till they are 1oo% fine after the tooth extraction. If at all you are planning to get a tooth extraction done just call us up for an appointment we will see to it that you are been given maximum amount of time and facility which will help you in having a satisfied tooth extraction done within no time.

Get in Touch with the Best Orthodontist in South Delhi

If you are located in south Delhi and if you face any dental issues in regards to braces then you must seek help from the best orthodontist in south Delhi. Often people ignore the problems that would have braces as the solution. But rather than considering the jaw alignment procedures as the villains, you must think of them as boon. In fact, these things should be sorted out as soon as possible.


How to sort out the issues related to teeth alignment?

Jaw growth can be diagnosed in advance. But this will happen if you can do all these things quickly. You should talk to your orthodontic expert that there seems to be some issue. If he can diagnose the condition then you will be treated with braces. But again, you should make the right choice as per your preference that comes in front of you as braces. As kids there should be one visit to the dentist to find out that whether there is any issue with the jaw growth or teeth alignment. If something like that is diagnosed then quick decision should be taken. If this is postponed then the braces would come into picture in the young age or even later. So, find the best Dentist in South Delhi and see if there is some solution for the same.

The costs of braces

If you can find an affordable treatment in the field of braces then you should go ahead with that. Often the best dentist would suggest you the kind of material that would go with the braces. You will also be given the choice of colors you should take all these decisions in sync with the dental expert. You will see that the costs of these treatments have now become quite nominal. These things would be quite important. You must therefore find out the best orthodontic expert who would give you the best solutions.

In the times when every person should be cautious about the oral health all you must do is visit the dentist at regular intervals and find out if there is any problem. It would not be good to postpone the dental issues and treatments. Just find the right way to get the best solution ever. This will help to boost your confidence and with a good oral health you can actually make things work.

Get a Beautiful Smile Through Dentist!

Today there are doctors spread all over the world who not only help their clients to stay happy with the best treatments but also by providing them some healthy tips which can keep them strong. When we talk about dentist we can say they are the most experienced and professional doctors of all because teeth is one of the important part of the body which gives you the chance to portray your personality with a wide smile. You might have observed that most of the people always prefer talking to people who have a smile in their face and easily solve any kind of problem in life.

Teeth whitening

Like any other part of body tooth also needs to be maintained in a proper manner which will allow them to stay strong for longer time. Today all the dentists have several treatments to solve your tooth problems. Some of the common ways to help a teeth to survive is root canal treatment which is undertaken by lakhs of people. Almost every second person today has gone through root canal treatment at least one or two teeth. This is the ideal way for saving a teeth for the people who are not really fine with removing their destroyed teeth.

One of the best ways to replace a damaged tooth or missing tooth today is Dental Implants where the dentist provides an artificial tooth that looks same like the normal teeth. For dental implants one can find the best Dentist in South Delhi who use the latest technologies to cure any kind of oral problems for their clients. Teeth whitening in south Delhi is also one of the best treatments done by experienced doctors. If you have a discolored teeth and planning to go for Teeth whitening then you can always get it done by some of the leading doctors in south Delhi.  You will also get teeth whitening kits which you can use at home and keep your teeth healthy and shining.

It’s always good to take some simple tips from your doctor when you go for visits this will not only help you in keeping your tooth strong but also help you in leading a healthy lifestyle. Do not ignore tooth ache or any kind of minor problem you face with your tooth better show your doctor there and then before it starts getting a major issue for you.