Know About Different Types of Dental Braces & Which One Suites You?

This is one of the best services we offer to our clients who want to get their teeth aligned in the best ways to have a sweet smile. We being a well-known best orthodontist in south Delhi offer different kind of options to clients who want to get their braces treatment done at a cost effective rate.


Below are some of the kinds we offer in braces

  1. Metal Braces or Traditional style in braces
    This is one of the oldest treatments in Dental Clinic in South Delhi however these days people are going for modern braces as it is not noticeable like these metal braces. Metal braces which we provide are less in price as compared to the invisible one. The Dental Roots is a reputed clinic that provides colors in band for kids. So for small kids this can be a good pick.
  2. Tooth colored Ceramic braces
    Best Dental Clinic in Gurgaon & South Delhi provide ceramic braces in different size as well as shape. The best feature about this braces is it is same as the color of the tooth so will not be visible. Some people recommend the doctors to provide them with perfect tooth colored wires which is totally invisible. The best part about this treatment is it makes the teeth move much faster than the normal ones.
  3. Lingual Braces
    Many kids and adults choose for lingual braces from Experienced Dentist this is same like the traditional ones but the wires are placed inside the teeth so is not visible at the front side.
  4. Invisalign
    These are custom made braces which is the best plastic aligner. It is available in 18 to 30 different series. The aligners are been removed by the Best Dentist in South Delhi and replaced after every 2 weeks.
    If you are also planning to go for these treatments you can always call us up or just visit our clinic, take an appointment with the best dentist and get the braces treatment done as per your budget.

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